Furniture Concepts Has Moved Back to Malden

Furniture Concepts Has Moved Back to Malden

We’re back!

It’s been a few months, but with moving and busy working on projects, we haven’t had time to update our blog with the news.

As many of you know, back in 2011, under the weight of heavy snow in February, a portion of our roof at our Malden, Mass. headquarters began to collapse. We weren’t even aware of the issue until lunch, when we turned off our machines and the staple guns stopped popping. That’s when we head the creaking above our heads.

A quick call to the fire department and we were evacuated. Thanks to the efforts of many, we only missed one day of work, and were back in the building after the weekend with the roof supported with temporary posts.

But the following winter, we had to new to a new location in Woburn under the threat of more snow.

After spending two years next to Windham Woodworking in Woburn, we moved back to our Malden location just after the new year. After the roof was repaired – well, actually, replaced – we also took the opportunity to renovate our entire building.

A lot of dedicated people worked on our project, including Darlow Christ Architects and Do-Awl Construction.

If you were in our old building, you won’t recognize it the next time you visit!

Our offices are still in the front, along with a conference room area. There’s also a new break room and the upholstery shop and frame shop are sectioned off with walls.

Check out more photos of our project below, as well as finished photos!

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